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This is the story of an extraordinary little girl with a crystal-clear soul. Eva’s journey is one of resilience and an unyielding spirit, showing us that even in the face of immense challenges, one can find joy and healing through the power of music and nature.

Early Struggles and Miraculous Survival

Eva has become a true inspiration for our Magic Soma project. Her ability to feel music, respond to it, and find in it a source of joy and healing inspired us to create magical melodies and sounds. Every note crafted for her brings her happiness and helps heal her soul, positively affecting her body and damaged brain.

Eva was born prematurely in 2010, and from the very beginning, her life was filled with challenges. She miraculously survived birth, although her twin brother, unfortunately, did not and left her alone. Eva had to fight for her life from day one: three weeks on a ventilator and brain damage.

Eva couldn't say goodbye to her brother Alyosha. While her parents buried the baby, swallowing tears and watching the rare snowflakes swirling around Alyosha's tiny coffin, his strong-spirited sister Eva was desperately fighting for her right to live in the neonatal intensive care unit, all alone.

A Journey Through Hardship and Hope

The first months of little Eva's life were filled with endless visits to doctors and healers, bringing almost no success. The kind doctors often suggested that her parents should give Eva up to a home for sick children and have another child instead. On the eve of Eva's second birthday, our family left Russia and started a new life in the sunny country of Bulgaria. The country welcomed us with warmth, sea, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Within six months, Eva learned to sit unsupported, then to stand with support. Each summer was filled with sunshine, and Eva spent a lot of time in the water, first learning to swim near the shore and later walking with her mother in the shallow water. At around 5 years old, Eva took her first independent steps.

Eva Mayo
Eva Mayo

Development progressed slowly, but it moved forward nonetheless. From her earliest months, Eva showed unusual musical abilities. When she heard beautiful, touching singing, her lips would tremble, and she could even cry. These were her first, very strong emotions. Thus, music entered Eva's life for the first time, becoming her source of strength and happiness. As Eva grew older, her emotional reactions to beautiful music remained intense, but now she responded with a loud, ringing laugh that could soften any heart.

Triumph Over Adversity

At the age of 8, Eva's family moved to Israel. A month after the move, Eva fell ill and was in a very serious condition for several days with a fever over 39 degrees. After her recovery, when it seemed everything was behind them, Eva had her first epileptic seizure. It was terrifying; her parents didn't understand what was happening and rushed to the nearest hospital. After several days of tests and examinations, they returned home with a diagnosis of epilepsy and a prescription for valproic acid.

A month later, the seizure recurred but was less severe. Then, Eva began to withdraw. She stopped developing, her liver failed to function properly, she stopped walking, sleeping, taking an interest in anything, finding joy, or trying to speak. Only her sensitivity to music and occasional bursts of joy from beautiful sounds remained.

Eva Mayo
Eva Mayo

Attempts to change the medication were unsuccessful. Then Eva's father left the country and never returned. In December 2021, a car carrying Eva, Erika, and Mark was hit off the road by a speeding vehicle. As a result of this accident, Eva sustained injuries and severe stress. This marked the beginning of a nightmare. Eva stopped sleeping entirely. She screamed like a wounded animal, attacked, bit, scratched, and banged her head, trying to end her incessant suffering, and this went on for several months. The only things that helped her relax were the sounds of Tibetan bowls and hours-long walks in the park.

The school insisted that Eva return to classes despite her terrible condition. On her first morning back at school, she had a severe epileptic seizure, so intense that they almost didn't expect her to survive. It took several hours to bring Eva back to life in the emergency room.

We were overjoyed when she started breathing evenly again, and the doctors said she had pulled through and come out of the coma. There were fears that Eva's brain was once again severely damaged, but we prayed for a miracle. The next day, amidst Eva's incessant screams, we were discharged from the hospital, where they couldn't help with her acute mental state. At home, the screaming continued just as intensely, and Eva had a terrible headache. At that moment, Mark took a Tibetan bowl and began to produce a light sound above Eva's head. Within a few minutes, the screaming stopped, and Eva was able to relax and even go to the bathroom. This was the beginning of the end of the horror.

Two years have passed since then.

Today, Eva is a completely different child. There have been no more epileptic seizures. However, the diagnoses and related problems remain - cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, and severe developmental delays. Despite all these difficulties, her spirit remains bright and cheerful. She cannot speak, but she has found a way to express herself through music and singing. Music has become her salvation and source of happiness. Eva has a rare gift - her clear, ringing voice can spread laughter and joy to everyone around her.

Eva lives in harmony with nature. Walks in the fresh air, watching sunsets, and observing the changing seasons bring her joy and tranquility. Her laughter, like music, fills the hearts of those close to her with warmth and light. Every day, Eva reminds everyone around her that true strength and joy lie in the ability to find happiness in the simplest and most beautiful moments of life.

Eva Mayo

Music, resilience, joy, and nature – Eva, you are a gift to this world, and the world is your gift.

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