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Erika Mayo

Hello and welcome!

I'm happy to introduce myself and invite you to read this short article about me.
I've tried to keep it brief, but my life is full of events and activities, so it's hard to include everything I want to share.
I hope this gives you a good idea of who I am and what motivates me.

Awakening to the Mystical World

Hello, friends!) I am Erika Mayo, born and raised in Russia, in an ordinary Soviet family of doctors – a family where fairy tales and legends were not in demand in everyday life. I remember well how strange and mysterious events happened around me in my early childhood, events that scared and fascinated me at the same time. This was especially evident when I was falling asleep. At those moments, I felt the presence of invisible beings, heard quiet whispers, and saw vivid dreams filled with amazing images and creatures. These mystical experiences first influenced my consciousness, leaving a deep impression and awakening my interest in the spiritual world.

My upbringing was also unconventional. I always felt that my life would be different from my surroundings — something greater than the usual routine. I saw the world differently — in colors, sounds, and energies. When my mother enrolled me in music school, I began to learn to express my visions through music. Piano and singing lessons opened up a new world for me, where sounds became a bridge between the visible and the invisible.

The Journey of Healing and Transformation

My abilities and passion for music developed throughout my life. I mastered playing various instruments, but Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and of course the Rav Vast handpan combined with my voice, held a special place in my heart. Vocal improvisations and overtones revealed the amazing magic of sound to me. Sounds became my first guide to the world of sound medicine and energy healing.

In 2017, I went through a severe illness. On one wonderful sunny autumn day, my temperature rose so high that my heart stopped. It was a clinical death. For several minutes, I was not in this world. When I returned, I was not quite the same as before. My brain couldn't function properly as before, and I nearly lost my mind. Over the course of a month, I gradually restored my cognitive functions. It was a difficult and frightening process, full of feelings of vulnerability and fear. When my brain finally started working correctly, it began to function differently. I started Seeing. Not just looking with my eyes as before, but truly Seeing.

Erika Mayo
Erika Mayo

A Life Dedicated to Healing and Guidance

While communicating with people, I saw strange images. Describing them, I constantly heard surprised words: "How do you know this?" In response, I would take a Tarot deck and recount everything I saw, complementing my story with cards. That's how I began to conduct Tarot consultations, helping people understand their life situations and find answers to important questions.

Over time, my Vision and understanding of the world deepened. I underwent many initiations into various shamanic traditions, delving into the depths of the knowledge and practices of shamans from Siberia and the Amazon. Each of these initiations added new facets to my knowledge and abilities. These initiations allowed me to become a shaman, a conduit between worlds, healing souls and revealing people's true paths.

Today, I don't just read Tarot and Oracles. I use all my accumulated experience and knowledge to help people in their spiritual quests, healing, and finding harmony. My mission is to help others see the invisible and understand the incomprehensible, finding their path in this amazing world. In my practice, I often meet people who are at a crossroads or going through difficult periods in life. For example, one of my clients, who was in deep depression after losing her job and breaking up a relationship, turned to me for help. Through Tarot-Oracle diagnostics and shamanic rituals, I helped her see new opportunities and restore inner harmony. Today, she has found a new job where she feels fulfilled and has formed new, healthy relationships.

Erika Mayo
Erika Mayo

Such success stories inspire me and confirm that I am on the right path. My work is my calling and my passion, helping people find their way and achieve harmony in this wonderful world. Over the years, I have continued to deepen my knowledge and skills. I have gone through numerous initiations and received sacred knowledge that has given me access to the mysteries of the universe.

My spiritual teachers and shamans from around the world have shared their secrets with me, helping me become a more powerful healer and magician. Today, I am a sound and energy healer; a shaman, a Seer. I use my musical and artistic talents to create power objects and magical artifacts. Each item created by me carries a special energy, a sacred meaning, and purpose. I help people find harmony with themselves and the world around them, opening doors to the unknown and wonderful.

Additionally, I am a practicing healer using the "World of the Gods" method. This method is based on theurgy and includes interaction with high-vibration energies and information flows, allowing for deep healing and harmony. The method aims at revealing a person's potential, spiritual perfection, and healing on all levels. By practicing this method, I help people restore internal balance, cleanse themselves of negative influences, and find new paths to self-improvement.

I believe that every person possesses unique abilities and a gift that can be revealed through love, creativity, and spiritual practice. My journey continues, and I invite you to become part of this magical story, where every sound, every object, and every ritual is filled with deep meaning and bright energy.

Each new day is an opportunity for me to learn something new, meet new people, and help them find their path to harmony and happiness. I am grateful for all the lessons life offers me and for every moment I can dedicate to healing and growth. May the sounds I create and the wisdom I share help you open the doors to the wonders and mysteries of the universe. In this marvelous journey, we can all become conduits of light and love.

Erika Mayo

Sounds and wisdom heal souls, inspire hearts, and open doors to the wonders of the universe.

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