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Store of Tangible Items Available for Purchase

Each created item possesses a high vibration, embodying the intention of our knowledge and life experiences, which we can manifest into physical reality for you.

Magic Soma Wizard's Shop

Wizard's Shop

Items of power, magic so grand,

Paintings that shimmer from mystical hand.

Amulets, talismans, witch dolls abound,

Home altars, treasures, enchantments profound.

Coming soon :)

Magical Candles

A love for fire, warmth, and light,

Soft wax paints scenes so bright.

Tenderness wraps the soul so tight,

Making spaces cozy and right.

Coming soon :)

Magic Soma Magical Candles
Soplado Medicine

Soplado Medicine

Medicine from jungle's heart,

Gives strength, awakening sight,

Aligns and balances each part,

Bringing harmony to light.

Coming soon :)

Culinary Alchemye

Culinary alchemy, flavors unite,

Secrets and magic, pure delight.

True health and taste, in every blend,

Enchanting dishes, wonders never end.

Coming soon :)

Culinary Alchemye
Magical Garden

Magical Garden

In a garden of magic, wonders grow,

Secrets and beauty in every row.

Healing herbs and flowers bright,

Enchant the soul, pure delight.

Coming soon :)

 Coming Soon

A project in making, dreams take flight,

We're working on it, day and night.

It will be great, just wait and see,

Amazing things are coming, bright as can be.

Coming Soon
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