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I'll Smile and Hold Your Hand :)

To have a Sound Medicine session, you need just two things:

  • Your desire to touch true Beauty.

  • A willingness to embrace Positive changes in your life.

We have everything else needed for the Sound Medicine session. We only need you!

What to Expect from a Couples Session

  • You will feel profound relaxation and inner joy from the beauty of sounds and vibrations. You will experience a range of emotions and inner sensations as a loving and beautiful couple.

  • This session is uniquely designed for couples, using specially developed techniques to enhance your connection and shared experiences through sound.

  • You will receive our support and feedback on your journey into the World of Sound.

  • An audio recording of the entire session will be provided, which you can listen to without any limitations!

Healthy and Harmonious Union

  • Our sessions are specially designed for couples to strengthen and deepen your connection.

  • We create an atmosphere where each of you becomes a full participant in the magical experience, receiving equal portions of sound and its benefits.

  • This experience helps you feel deep relaxation and inner joy from the beauty of sounds and vibrations.

  • Sharing these varied emotions and inner harmony enhances your emotional and spiritual well-being, fostering better understanding and support for each other.

  • We support you at every step of your journey into the world of sound, providing feedback and creating an audio recording of the session for you to listen to later.

Explore the Magic Soma World

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Ticket Cost ₪ 600*

We are always open to your generosity and welcome your gratitude in addition to the session fee.

After a Sound Medicine session, you are welcome to thank us more if you feel inclined to do so.

We do not restrict you from performing acts of kindness and gaining the energy of benevolence and compassion. Harmonious energy exchange is the foundation of life!

* Per one person! The cost of a session. Travel expenses are paid separately if we come to you.

Important Information

Duration of a Sound Medicine Session

The session lasts 45 minutes and involves our continuous work with you, a musical and sound journey, and positive energetic impact, enhanced with special couples-oriented features and programs.

Introduction, preparation, and diagnostics take 15-30 minutes. We get to know you and your wishes, select the appropriate instruments, and create a personalized session plan. We also diagnose your psycho-emotional and energetic state.

Gradual return from the journey takes 15-30 minutes. We gather your feedback, perform additional diagnostics of your immersion, and provide a brief analysis. The session concludes with a summary and review of the outcomes.


The process of immersing in a Medicine Music session is completely safe for children, adults, and the elderly, including those with special needs, except for those in an acute phase of a mental disorder (which is the only contraindication). Our space is safe, and no one will be able to interrupt or distract you from the process, which is crucial for deep relaxation and rest.

Contact and Non-Contact Impact

By default, the entire session is conducted without touching you or any other physical contact. Depending on your choice and the diagnostics of your condition, we can add elements of contact impact.

What does this entail? It includes the use of Tibetan bowls, which we can place on you, for example, on your chest while you are lying down. The bowl will transmit physical vibrations to your body. The intensity of this method is very high and equally effective.

Additionally, with your consent and desire, we can use our own bioenergy through touch at specific energetic points. These touches are light and painless, without excessive pressure or force.

How Does It Work?

Sound waves work to enhance the bioenergy of the brain. The continuous live streaming sound transitions the brain into a state of special decoding of sound waves and vibrations. Cyclical processes (inflammations, psycho-emotional cycles, anxiety, apathy, etc.) transition into a state of calm, resulting in the "untying" and complete or partial cessation of harmful processes that occupy the brain's "processing time."

Direct stimulation of the immune system occurs through the functional rest of specific areas of the brain. The brain shifts from a state of thinking to a state of streaming contemplation, which is a state of rest. With willpower, you can enter any thought process and, while in a contemplative state, observe your own processes from the outside and manage them.

What Else Besides Sound and Voice?

We use our space, woven from the energies of love, care, philanthropy, beauty, life, and creation. We maintain this special energy constantly, ensuring the purity of the energy-information field.

Aromas are an integral part of our life and Sound Medicine practice. We use natural herbs and incense, as well as our own compositions of organic essential oils. The magic of plant aromas works wonders, as proven and practiced in therapy in almost every country in the world. Aromas will accompany and support you throughout the session.

Visual stimulation is also possible within our space. We have created a space for light and color therapy through the interior, magical paintings, mandalas, and objects.


Our love for people and the world is unshakable and fundamental to our mindset and way of life. Seeing happy and beautiful people around us is much more pleasant and beneficial than seeing those who are sick, tense, or angry, drowning in grievances, and tired of life.

Sincere care for you is evident in every action and manifestation of us and our practices. The warmth we share with you is another tool of influence.

For us, it doesn’t matter what your background is, your status, gender, orientation, beliefs, skin color, religion, philosophy, etc. Everyone has skeletons in the closet and secrets. We have our own peculiarities too. But everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.

This is the starting point - we accept you as you are now! And you are beautiful!

One Example

After a session, one of our friends shared experiences that changed his life. Looking at us with happy eyes full of joy, he calmly and confidently said that he let go of the resentments and disappointments that had plagued him for years, especially towards his mother. He said he had never felt such lightness in his soul before!

Physical changes in your psyche, brain bioenergy, and emotional state can be measured. These changes affect decision-making, self-confidence, and circumstances. Inner peace determines our financial and material state.a

How to Value It?

The cost of our sessions is symbolic because it is very difficult to measure the results in monetary terms; they are beyond any financial value. How can you price the healing of the soul, psyche, and the feeling of happiness that affects the quality of life? How can you value the words of a child who, after 12 years of silence, starts to speak and sing following Sound Medicine sessions?

Energy Exchange: Harmony and Balance

The entire world is permeated with energy flows. It moves, changes form, and flows from one place to another. The ideal scenario is harmonious movement, where there is neither deficit nor excess.

Imagine you received valuable knowledge or a service that deeply affected you. This is a generous gift, an energy flow that fills you. But if you give nothing in return, if you don't "pay" for this gift, balance is disrupted. The received energy is devalued, and the exchange becomes unharmonious.

In this world, we offer unique services that are difficult to value in monetary terms. How do you measure the cost of soul healing, the attainment of happiness, the changes that occur in a person?

We believe that everyone determines the value of what they receive. The cost of our sessions is symbolic, representing the ticket price for the session, but we gladly accept any heartfelt gratitude. For us, balance in energy exchange is important. The more generously you share your energy, the more you receive in return. This is the law of the universe.

Remember: there are no limitations in expressing gratitude. Give to teachers, healers, and everyone who brings you light and knowledge. Do not devalue the received gift, and it will multiply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whom should not attend Sound Medicine sessions?
    People who are intoxicated with alcohol. Individuals undergoing psychiatric medication treatment. Individuals experiencing acute stages of mental disorders. People with serious cardiovascular conditions. Individuals with epilepsy or other neurological disorders sensitive to sound stimuli. Those with severe tinnitus or hyperacusis sensitive to strong sound stimuli.
  • How long does a Sound Medicine session last?
    VIP session lasts 02:30. Personal session lasts 01:30. Group session lasts 01:45. Couples session lasts 01:45. Adult lasts 01:30. Session for disabled children lasts 01:30.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Bring a bottle of your favorite water with you. For children, we also recommend bringing their favorite soft toy, if they have one, to help them feel comfortable and relaxed during the session. We will provide everything else for your complete comfort.
  • Do I need to do anything during a Sound Medicine session?
    This is the easiest and simplest practice where you don't need to do anything at all. You can simply breathe, close your eyes, and relax. It would be wonderful if you try not to fall asleep and remain an attentive observer during our magical session. Even if you fall asleep, the effect will still occur, as the brain and body perceive the vibrations that enter them even in a sleeping state.
  • Do I need to prepare for a Sound Medicine session?
    Yes, we definitely recommend preparing for the session. It's very simple to do — just imagine coming to our session in a safe space you can trust. Prepare your mind with thoughts of upcoming relaxation and rest, as if you were anticipating a long-awaited vacation. This mindset will help you quickly disconnect from the stream of thoughts that surround you in everyday life.
  • What are the positive effects of sound and high-vibrational energies?
    Sound therapy promotes deep relaxation and reduces stress levels. Sound waves can influence our state of consciousness and help alleviate tension in the body and mind. High-vibrational energies, such as those used in energy healing, can stimulate self-healing and balance the energy centers in the body, promoting an overall sense of well-being and harmony. Two of the most important factors is stimulation of imagination and neurogenesis. For detailed mechanisms of action, we discuss them in our blog.
  • Can I attend Sound Medicine sessions every day?
    Sure! It would be great to attend sessions every day because each session tunes your mind to its best state. Just like how a musician tunes their guitar before each performance to play better, frequent sessions can make life more effective.
  • Where do Sound Medicine sessions take place?
    We conduct sessions for up to six people in our comfortable space, featuring soft mats filled with healing energy and our art. Additionally, we rent a hall in Haifa that can accommodate up to 20 people. Moreover, we can travel to your location for sessions, with travel costs paid separately.
  • Do you use anything in addition to sound and music?
    High-Vibrational Energy: Influences our consciousness and energy to initiate healing and harmony processes. Use of Voices: We use our voices as needed to enhance the effects of sound therapy and support relaxation and healing processes. Visual Stereo Therapy: Includes our artwork and room design, creating a visual environment conducive to deep relaxation and restoration. Aromatherapy: We use specially selected blends of essential oils to deepen relaxation effects and create a pleasant atmosphere during sessions.
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