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Dr. Mark Freeman

Hello and welcome!

I'm happy to introduce myself and invite you to read this short article about me.
I've tried to keep it brief, but my life is full of events and activities, so it's hard to include everything I want to share.
I hope this gives you a good idea of who I am and what motivates me.

Early Life and Pursuits

Hi! My name is Dr. Mark. I was born and raised in the picturesque but harsh region of the Southern Urals, where the sun is rare, and the winters are cold. My life has been filled with vibrant colors and intense experiences since childhood. I began my journey into the world of knowledge by studying programming in college and then continued my education in law school. However, my thirst for learning didn't stop there. I constantly strive for self-improvement, attending numerous trainings, courses, and additional professional education. This is just a glimpse of the knowledge and skills I have acquired.

Since the age of ten, I have had a singing Tibetan bowl. I would sit for hours listening to its sound, and to this day, there is no instrument more fascinating and profound to me than the Tibetan bowl, especially when there are several of them.

At 17, I began delving into the world of economics, studying it thoroughly and actively trading stocks on the exchange. By 21, I conducted my first exorcism ritual. At 24, I launched my first startup, and by 26, my ventures expanded to include a clinic with unique technologies and proprietary developments in physiotherapy and physical culture, as well as a small cafe that grew into a restaurant with a signature cuisine within five years. I always enjoyed interacting with people and cooking for them, without tricks or deceit. I made delicious, healthy food with love and the highest quality standards. Food, to me, is the most intimate and important aspect of life, and I approach it very consciously. I loved hosting guests, talking with them, and bringing them the joy of satisfaction and trust in my kitchen. I personally renovated each space, managed the finances and accounting, supervised staff, and created my own culinary masterpieces.

Life Journeys and Learning

In 2018, I left Russia forever, taking only $200 with me. This marked a profound ascetic journey. Life continuously tested my endurance, psyche, and human qualities. I cannot count on my fingers, even if I had more, all the people who have been my teachers. And they were not just people. I learned from plants and animals. Silent and attentive observation of a tree can teach you a lot. My teachers included water, fire, and stones. Yes, even a stationary stone can teach and become a mentor, revealing the inner strength of stone-like tranquility, while water can teach you to go with the flow, gracefully navigating each stone on your path without resistance, without struggle, and without defeat.

Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman

My passion for knowledge spans many fields: gastroenterology, microbiology, agronomy, biology, endocrinology, and more. Every day, I conduct experiments, exploring the boundaries of science, mysticism, and magic. This quest for knowledge began in my youth, following a traumatic brain injury, and was supported by my parents, who were intelligent doctors and entrepreneurs. They instilled in me unconventional thinking and high moral principles.

From a young age, I was fascinated by the intricate workings of the human body and the natural world around me. My studies in gastroenterology opened my eyes to the complex processes of digestion and overall health, while microbiology allowed me to delve into the unseen world of microorganisms that play a crucial role in our well-being. Agronomy taught me the principles of sustainable farming and the importance of nurturing the soil, which directly impacts the food we consume.

Biology, as a broad field, provided me with a deeper understanding of life at all levels, from the cellular to the ecological. Endocrinology, with its focus on hormones and their effects on the body, highlighted the delicate balance necessary for maintaining health. My relentless curiosity drove me to not only study these subjects but also to apply this knowledge in practical ways, constantly seeking new insights and breakthroughs.

The intersection of science and mysticism intrigued me as well. I believe that true wisdom comes from integrating empirical knowledge with spiritual understanding. This holistic approach allows me to see connections that others might miss and to develop innovative solutions that bridge the gap between the material and the metaphysical. My experiments are not just about proving hypotheses; they are about exploring the unknown and expanding the boundaries of what is possible.

Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman

Magic Soma and the Future

There was a time in my life when I was on the brink of life and death. I suffered from constant stress, tumors, bleeding, diabetes, and other ailments; my body was broken. My love for life and inner will pulled me back from the edge, filling me with an unending drive for life and a deep love for it. In my search for a way out, I discovered that a healthy lifestyle and a vast amount of knowledge can lead to healing—healing from ignorance. There is nothing more beautiful than life, and this experience became the foundation for creating the Magic Soma project, which aims to help others achieve happiness, health, and creative freedom. Our project is a project for Life, in the name of Life!

The Magic Soma project was born on July 27, 2023. This day marked our inner dawn after a long and persistent accumulation of experience and knowledge. Inspired by a little girl named Eva, we began creating a project that helps people with physical, psychological, moral, and spiritual healing. Magic Soma focuses on the beauty of sound, taste, inner peace, and happiness, recognizing oneself in all aspects and facets. The most vivid and inspiring moments for me are the eyes of children that start to shine with interest during our sound sessions, filled with the genuine beauty of Life and sincerity!

Sound plays a key role in the Magic Soma project. We use sound everywhere: studying, singing, playing musical instruments, and conducting sessions called Sound Medicine. These sessions help relax the psyche, penetrate the depths of consciousness, direct it, and heal. We conduct them for children with special needs, the elderly, and anyone who needs help. We use sound as medicine to restore and harmonize the body and mind.

Philosophical and spiritual principles play an important role in my life. Humanity, compassion, empathy, and mercy are the foundation for a spiritually developed person. The main principle for me is love for people. This is the key to unlocking the inner potential of everyone. Om is the word that reflects my multipolar and limitless inner universe.

My loved ones play an essential role in my life and the Magic Soma project. They are the first patients and wards, receiving all the benefits and privileges of the project. Magic Soma is not just a project; it is a family that together strives for health and happiness.

In the near future, I plan to collaborate with major companies like Apple, Google, or Open AI to conduct research and implement our knowledge. I aim to create a laboratory and a private area for further research and the integration of artificial intelligence into everyday healthy life. My goal is to make life brighter, longer, and happier for everyone. A magical place where I can apply my knowledge and practices for those in need, where one can live and enjoy every moment! A wonderful place for my loved ones!

I definitely love this beautiful and diverse world. In my eyes, it is perfect and harmonious, with all its contradictions and absurdities. Everything has its place—good and evil, darkness and light. All of this makes the world dynamic. At a certain point in my life, I clearly realized that my place is on the side of Life, Creation, Creativity, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

Happy Musician Family of Magic Soma

With love,
I dedicate this photo to my dear girls who always inspire me and fill my life with joy.

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