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Who is Magic Soma

Magic Soma is a visionary project focused on the holistic growth and creative expression of individuals. We fuse modern insights with ancient wisdom, offering a unique blend of art, music, healing practices, and natural remedies. Our goal is to inspire and transform, providing tools and experiences that promote well-being, self-discovery, and a deeper connection to the world. Through our diverse offerings, we invite everyone to explore the magic of existence and embrace the beauty and potential within themselves and the universe.

Who we are

We are a talented and creative team of individuals who strive for holistic development on the path of creation and harmony, philanthropy, and beauty in the love of life, self-discovery, and understanding the world around us.

Why We Do This

Because we love living, being part of the world, and our creativity, experiments, and projects are a hymn to life in all its diversity and splendor.

Our goals

To develop holistically and share our experiences, discoveries, creativity, and knowledge with the world. To create and carry the banner of life and beauty, and to see more healthy and happy people on this path.


Erika Mayo
Healer, Medium, Spiritual Assistant

Dr. Mark Freeman
Magister of Sound, Yogin, Wizard

Our Inspiration and Great Teacher

What We Do


Our creativity and art, knowledge, and experience are our way of everyday life. We are united by a common idea and inspired by life. We test everything on ourselves, and if we share something, whether it's knowledge, experience, practice, or creativity, it certainly works, and we have proof of it. Everything has a justification and explanation. We lead a highly conscious and healthy lifestyle.

The Value of Our Creativity

It is difficult to assess what we do in monetary terms or measure it in any way. It is impossible to calculate the value of the experiences, travels, experiments, time spent in learning, deep ascetic practices, and the most challenging trials. This is not taught in schools or universities. It is impossible to acquire this knowledge on the internet. How can one evaluate the transfer of knowledge from Masters from different corners of the world, with whom we have studied? Our projects are woven from the magic of lived destinies, emotions, situations, filled with unique energies.

For You!

We create and share, bringing to the world the opportunity for you to touch the world of Magical Soma. Here you can find beauty and healing, acquire magical objects of power for yourself and your home, unique musical instruments, herbal and plant medicine, knowledge, help, and answers. True happiness is sharing and inspiring!

Music and Sound

This is the foundation of the world of Magical Soma, "Music has connected us." Sound is the beauty that intertwines in every organism of our vast world, in every object, and indeed, all matter has a vibration. Sound is medicine that heals the soul, body, and consciousness, a powerful tool for changing the state of the psyche, which affects all levels. Sound is the most hidden secret, as a universal remedy for all diseases and the primary cause of being! "In the beginning was the word!" - and the word is sound!

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