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We are open to your compassion, support, and virtue.

We welcome support from everyone who wishes to contribute to our common cause. Any amount, whether small or large, is invaluable to us. We guarantee that all your contributions will be used solely for good deeds. Often, we ourselves engage in charity by giving freely.


Our resources constantly need renewal, as we continuously learn, acquire new materials, pay for rent and various subscriptions, as well as expensive tools and equipment. The support of each of you is vital to us.


If you wish to invest in the development of humanity, the world, health, and universal happiness, your help is exactly what we need. We dedicate ourselves fully to serving life, filling our world with creation, harmony, and compassion.

Out of love for the world and for life, we gratefully accept your help. In return, you receive not only our gratitude but also the highest energies of virtue and compassion. Sharing what you have with those in need is both noble and blessed.

By donating, you have the chance to enhance your spiritual qualities and personal development through the act of virtue. This is not just support for our project but also a high-vibration energy exchange that benefits all participants.​

Thank you!



We have collaboration proposals and are always open to new partners who share our values and mission. We seek to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations who want to contribute to the development of humanity, the world, health, and universal happiness. If you have ideas, projects, or resources that can help us on our path of creation and harmony, we would be delighted to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Thanks for submitting!


Tirat Carmel and Haifa

Please contact us to discuss creating something beautiful and beneficial together.​

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